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One of the questions we get most often from clients before they purchase our booth is about our printer. At the end of the day, if your photo strips come out streaky or fuzzy, then you’re not giving your customers the absolute best product you can. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to find the best printer out there in the economical price-range, without sacrificing quality.

All of our booths come with the DNP DS-RX1 Printer. While that may mean nothing to you, it’s huge for us. When compared with some of the other printers sold in booths, this on beats them on all levels.

The DNP printer paper comes in boxes with two rolls of both paper and ink. This means that with one box you have 1,400 prints! One roll of paper and ink has 700 prints, that’s compared to 300 prints in one roll of the HiTi P510L printer. One box of paper has the potential to last you multiple weeks with no need to change the roll every event!

Not only does this printer hold a hearty amount of paper but it’s also economical. When broken down, your printing costs are about 11¢ a strip! On average your only costs could be $20 a night. Running a business with an expense of only $20 is a great way to save costs and reinvest into adding and expanding to multiple photo booths in your business.

Having a lightning fast printer, which also cuts the strips in half for you is something that keeps the line at the photo booth moving throughout your event. This printer does just that. Print speeds for 4×6 prints (standard size) is just 15 seconds and strips are cut inside the printer. This means no need to stand and wait for the photos to print and be cut. Keep the line moving and the guests laughing inside the booth!

Lastly, is the quality of the prints. We went through many trial and error runs with printers before settling on one we were confident was the best. The DNP prints the clearest strips, with popping colors and no streaking. Some of the other printers also have a tendency to jam when printing. One of the best features of the RX1 is that we can confidently walk away from the booth without having to worry about a paper jam occurring. This keeps everything running smoothly and makes sure the faces inside the booth are always smiles and never frowns!

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