Our brand new MINI BOOTH

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Our newest edition is our mini booth. This is an open-style booth that weighs in at a mere 35 pounds total! Check out photos and video here. This booth can be powder coated any color you like. The booth has a set of LED’s built in that includes a remote control and can be set to any color you want. The booth breaks apart into three pieces – the base and the booth splits in half. Each piece of the booth is only 11x8x30 making it insanely easy to move around. The camera can angle up or down and there is a locking door in the back where all the components are. The booth features the following electronics: – Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (Intel i3 processor, 4gb memory, 64gb hard drive, 12’ screen) – Canon Rebel t3 Camera – 5600k LED Ring light (adjustable light control) – RGBAW LED Light Strip with Remote – Breeze Sys DSLR Remote Pro Photo Booth Software (Facebook and E-mail uploading, Greenscreen Enabled) – Covers available for $200 The booth is normally $5,600 shipped to your door but we are offering an intro price of $5,199 until the end of November. The shell only is...

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Update on our email client

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We would like to apologize for any inconvenience that may have occurred over the past week. We have been switching our email and websites over to new servers and have had some issues with emails going through. If you have recently sent us inquiries via email and have not received a response yet, do not hesitate to send us another inquiry and keep an eye on your inbox. We are also always available over the phone at 716-479-8398. Thank...

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What’s Your Average Event?

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We speak a lot about our printers when discussing the photo booth with prospective customers. The number of prints in a role of paper and ink, cost of a box of paper and ink, cost per print, etc. The printer is an integral part of the process. One thing we don’t always talk about is what to expect at your events. The printing speed for our DNP DS RX1 printer is 15 seconds for a 4×6 strip. Saying that doesn’t mean there won’t be a line for the photo booth. In fact, a line is a good sign! People are interested in the booth and want to get their picture taken! We typically have a 10-12-person line at our events, which moves through very quickly. Our typical event will have 115-130 strips taken over the course of 4 hours. However, having an event where 150+ strips are taken is not rare! With that being said, we say that a typical box of paper (1400 prints) will last you about 5 events. Another perk that we offer all of our customers is that we give them all of their photos after the event. Once our booth employee is done for the night, they upload the photos from the night onto a cloud storage site, and provide the customer with the link. It is a great way for our clients to be able to share their photos with...

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Email from a Satisfied Customer

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“Super nice, Super Portable, and fits a lot of people.  I would say perfect.” We love getting emails like this from our customers who just purchased their booth! This customer purchased a tower booth from us not too long ago and after learning how to run it, sent us this email. We love getting feedback from people and working with them to help continuously improve their photo booth experience. It’s because of this that around 40% of our sales are returning customers looking for their second or third booth. Some people even have 10 or 12 booths! A question we get a lot from prospective customers is if we can send them referrals or information from past clients, of course! We are always willing to send contact information out upon request. We know that many people have questions about durability, service, and how the booth runs. That’s why we’re willing to give prospective customers the information they need to be an educated...

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Photo Booth Attendant

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When we get inquiries about our photo booths, many times people ask us about the staffing we have for it. While yes, theoretically, the photo booth can be left alone at an event and be run on its own, we always send our booths out with an attendant. We do this for a number of reasons. One of the biggest reasons we send all our booths out with an attendant is from a customer service standpoint. In the wedding industry, which is what we primarily serve in, customer service and reputation can make or break your company.  When you send out a booth, make sure you have an attendant who is properly trained in the basics of the booth and also has the personality to interact with the guests.  This adds a personal element to your business. We get so many calls Monday or Tuesday mornings after our events raving about not only the booth but how helpful and fun all our attendants were at their weekend events. Something that we’ve noticed that many of our competitors do is set up their booth and leave, but what happens if it runs out of paper? There is no one there to change it when it runs out and changing the roll of paper after every event gets very expensive very quickly. What happens if a guest needs assistance using the booth? What happens if a guest trips and accidentally unplugs the booth? There are so many freak accidents that could happen at any event that having a booth attendant doesn’t necessarily prevent, but they act and solve these issues in that moment. Lastly, at times, the photo booth can get a bit busy, rowdy, and at times out of control. Having an attendant there helps keep the props in order, guests moving through the line and the rowdy guests a bit under control. When the party is at the photo booth, the attendant is there to help manage and control it a bit, not end the party. However, if no one is there to help, things can get out of control very...

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