Email from a Satisfied Customer

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“Super nice, Super Portable, and fits a lot of people.  I would say perfect.”

We love getting emails like this from our customers who just purchased their booth! This customer purchased a tower booth from us not too long ago and after learning how to run it, sent us this email. We love getting feedback from people and working with them to help continuously improve their photo booth experience. It’s because of this that around 40% of our sales are returning customers looking for their second or third booth. Some people even have 10 or 12 booths!

A question we get a lot from prospective customers is if we can send them referrals or information from past clients, of course! We are always willing to send contact information out upon request. We know that many people have questions about durability, service, and how the booth runs. That’s why we’re willing to give prospective customers the information they need to be an educated consumer.

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