Layouts for Sale

We now sell custom layouts. Each individual layout is $20 but you can buy EVERY layout for just $999. This will include a lifetime full of free updates. Anytime we add a custom layout you will get it for free.

The best part is that if you buy all of our layouts we have a website that keeps all the layouts organized that you can send your clients to so they can choose what layout they want. This means you never have to worry about updating your website!

The full package consists of close to 200 custom 2×6 and 4×6 layouts. We will periodically update the site with new layouts throughout the year and you will receive every layout on that site (at minimum 15-20 a year).

The layouts will be provided in photoshop format with the correct fonts attached. It will be hosted by the cloud so you can access these files anywhere!

This is a game changer as you now have some of the best custom layouts available for your clients only. You do not need to worry about  setting up your own layout site as we are doing that for you and everything is handed over to you. All you need is photoshop or elements and thats it!