Issue with Software Version 2.4.1 – for current Clients Please Check

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Good Afternoon,

We test out every booth we sell before we send it out.

Please check to see if your breeze is using version 2.4.1. If it is you need to downgrade to version 2.3. This version is saved on your computer in the Your City Party Booth File folder. The name is dslrp230.

There is a problem with the 2.4.1 software that makes your code invalid and plus screws up your preview image on some booths. Version 2.3 is working perfectly so I recommend that. If you cannot find it on your computer you can download it here

Here are the steps you need to take in order to make this happen. THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE YOUR NEXT EVENT TO MAKE SURE YOUR BOOTH IS WORKING.

1. Uninstall Breeze Sys DSLR Remote Pro – go to start (circle icon – on very bottom left hand corner) -control panel – programs – uninstall DSLR Remote Pro (alphabetical order – dslr remote pro is the name)

2. Install dslr remote pro version 2.3 (if you upgraded to the t3i or t4i please contact me)

3. Start Breeze Sys and if the pop up comes up use the code that is in your city party booth file folder.

4. After that, click file – photo booth settings – load – choose dnp regular.xml (if you cannot find out where this file is it is in your city party booth files – dnp)

4a. If you are using a HiTi printer obviously use those settings

5. Lastly, go on the desktop to the photo booth images shortcut folder.

6. Now open up your city party booth files – screen overlays – purple (or whatever backgrounds you are using) – copy all the jpegs from this folder and put them into the photo booth images folder (there is a shortcut on your laptop – this is where all your background and overlays are). Breeze automatically puts their backgrounds in and we want to use ours instead. It may ask you to overwrite the files CHOOSE YES.

Thats it!

Any questions email or call me!



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