One of the First in the Photo Booth Selling Business

One of the First in the Photo Booth Selling Business

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Your City wasn’t the first on the scene but we were one of the first.

We are not a fly-by-night operation. This is our full-time job and we have been around for a few years now. We have sold hundreds of booths to happy customers around the world. We just sold 2 booths to a company in Russia even!

We are also in the rental business and know what your clients want! We build these booths with the client in mind. We know most of your business will most likely be weddings and private events. We gear the booth towards that.

The booth will fit through any door and it is pretty easy to carry it up and down stairs if need be (I would totally charge extra for that!).

We pay attention to the little details in the booth. For example, the printer can easily be put on the left or right hand side. Why is that? We have rented out booths easily 1,000 times… some venues we would have loved to move the printer to the opposite side due to us being in a corner. Things like this are what we think about.

This is one of many things we have done to make our booth the best rental photo booth on the market. We will post more secrets in the next couple of months! For now, we are back to shipping the 20 booths we sold in the last 2 weeks!

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