5 reasons to say no to the pop up/canopy photo booth for sale

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Just say no!

Just say no!

We get so many calls day after day about people asking us what makes our photo booth for sale better and why they should go with our booth.

Lately, a lot of new companies have popped up (literally) and are trying to sell their booth to you.

Here are a list of questions we always get asked with my response right underneath…

1. What makes your booth better than the ones that use the canopy/pop up tent?

Simply put, would you want a pop up tent at your wedding? Mind you, it may work great for mitzvahs and other events but a majority of everyone’s business will be weddings. Why would you want to put up a tent in such an elegant setting? It just does not go.

2. I like the look of the pop up tent. Why would you say that?

Ask these companies how big these booths are from width to height. Now I want you to actually take a tape measure and measure that space out in your room. It takes up A LOT of room! A photo booth is meant to be part of the night… not the main attraction.

3. Does the size really matter?

Yes it does! We have rented out thousands of booths before we sold our first one. We do a ton of bridal shows every year. Just this past year we did one where a pop up tent was right across from us and we used that as a perfect example of why to book us… Needless to say, we booked our booth 23 times on the spot.

4. You can fit more people in a pop up tent booth can’t you?

Yes, you are right on this. However, with our booth you can simply pull the curtain around and fit 15 people easily. Most people that will use the booth throughout the night will have 2 – 4 guests. Is a huge booth that necessary when you look at it that way?

5. What about setup and transportation???

Yes, some booths literally fold up in a case but do you want a booth that folds up in a case? Our booth is one of the most portable booths out there. It may not break down into a small tool kit but it is portable enough to move very easily. Booths with wheels can cause huge problems if someone leans on it. On top of that, our booths are made to be very sleek and durable. They definitely can take a good abuse and look perfect.

Yes, many of us use the same components (printer, camera, computer…)BUT it is all about how those components are used that makes the booth.

Don’t be fooled by peoples sales pitches. Do your own research. Only you can make a decision that you feel comfortable with.

Please call or email us with any questions you have about our photo booth for sale.

Don’t forget to watch our videos.

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  1. would you be kind enough to email me your prices for the three photo booth packages that you offer.


    February 8, 2013

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