Time to Bundle Up!

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Now while we may be subtly referring to the deep freeze we’ve been experiencing this winter, the title is really referring to all our customers or prospective customers who are also djs or photographers.

Our company is also a dj service too and bundling up the dj and photo booth service is one of our most popular packages. We get so many calls from fellow djs or photographers who are looking to expand on their business’ offerings and add to the deal. Bundling up a dj and photo booth package or a photographer and photo booth combo is the best way to get some great extra business on a night when you are already working!

This combo deal is something that we kept in the front of our minds when we designed our new tower booth. Any dj or photographer can very easily fit their equipment in the same trunk as their tower booth. This makes your transport the day of the event so much easier. Only one car is needed for you and your booth attendant and with set up in less than 5 minutes, adding more fun to your event is a snap!

This is something that we tell all the djs who inquire about buying a photo booth from us. Soon enough, you could be adding to your fleet of photo booths and sending multiple booths out in a night! When you and your business succeed, we succeed!

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