What’s Your Average Event?

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We speak a lot about our printers when discussing the photo booth with prospective customers. The number of prints in a role of paper and ink, cost of a box of paper and ink, cost per print, etc. The printer is an integral part of the process.

One thing we don’t always talk about is what to expect at your events. The printing speed for our DNP DS RX1 printer is 15 seconds for a 4×6 strip. Saying that doesn’t mean there won’t be a line for the photo booth. In fact, a line is a good sign! People are interested in the booth and want to get their picture taken! We typically have a 10-12-person line at our events, which moves through very quickly.

Our typical event will have 115-130 strips taken over the course of 4 hours. However, having an event where 150+ strips are taken is not rare! With that being said, we say that a typical box of paper (1400 prints) will last you about 5 events.

Another perk that we offer all of our customers is that we give them all of their photos after the event. Once our booth employee is done for the night, they upload the photos from the night onto a cloud storage site, and provide the customer with the link. It is a great way for our clients to be able to share their photos with everyone!

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